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China Hongdefa Co.Ltd Supply complete ,European standard wheat flour milling machine processing wheat 80-100Ton per 24hours,the quality wheat flour output about 70%-82%.

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For the wheat flour milling machine,we are the most professional with the newest technology.Here show you some HDF projects.

In Kenya: Kabasora flour milling machine (150t/24h wheat flour milling machine)

In Zambia:APG milling(3000T Silo and machines),Glance milling(100-130T/D)
In Ethiopia: Boni food complex(82t/24h wheat flour milling machine with 1000T Silo),Tena flour Factory(120t/24h wheat flour mill),Misrak flour factory

Others wheat flour milling machine running in the world like:

300t/24h wheat flour milling machine in Afghanistan;

250t.24h wheat flour milling machine in Egypt;

200t/24h wheat flour milling machine in Brazil;

120t/24h wheat flour milling machine in China. 

1. Does this wheat flour milling machine can get good quality wheat flour? 

Yes,our wheat flour milling machine base on professional design and market analysis can produce good quality wheat flour.According different country ,different market demand,we give design accordingly.

This wheat flour milling machine is complete line, it has complete cleaning system with dry way or washing machine way, and the milling system mainlydesign is made by China famous professor Mr.Chen, who has more than 40years experience in wheat flour milling machine design. When make the design, every small side all consider in it. Like the roller flutes depth, quantity etc. 

The flour can used for Pasta,Macaroni,Biscuit,Cake,Bread etc.

2. Which kind of roller mill does this machine use?

Our wheat flour milling machine use quality Pneumatic roller mill, with 6-section high plansifter.

3. Which kind of electronics use?

 Schneider electronics or Simens,by client need.

4. Which kind of control system use?

In this wheat flour milling machine control system, one kind is Control panel control;another kind is Smart Touch screen control system

Also have the PLC control, The control system different, and the price is also different 

When we design the whole set wheat flour milling machine, we will think more for our client from every side. 

When the truck come to the factory, the truck can directly put the wheat on the Raw wheat net, after pre-clean the raw wheat will get into the silo, no need people to carry the wheat. Always the wheat moisture bin is construction by cement.Also you can choose our new type with stainless steel moisture bin.

The line is auto-working line, controlled by PLC system. Which can show all the parameters of the machine,and show the rate of the extraction, show all the machine running situation. We would like to give some good suggest to our client, we can help them to produce different kind of flour according the local situation and our client request, like semolina,bread flour, cake flour, brown flour.

wheat flour mill

Instruction of  wheat flour milling machine Design
(一)Design reason:
1. According the request of our client.
2. According the market request of wheat dry processing line and the quality developing trends
3. According 《Process Grain Instruction》
(二)Task and request:
1. Capacity: Processes 80 tons of wheat per 24h
2. The quality of the raw grain: Durum,Hard,Soft
3. Working system: 24 hours one day,
4. The quality index of the wheat: 



Specific gravity


Faultiness wheat %


Moisture %

Colour & lustre, smell






















5. wheat flour milling machine product packing system:
PP bag packing:50kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 10kg or 5kg(finished product)
PP bag packing:50kg/bag(bran)

Paper bag packing: Auto paper bag taken or Manual paper bag taken.With the hot sealing machine.

The quality of flour could compare with European product.

maize flour mill wheat flour mill factory and price (3).JPG

Our factory supply wheat flour milling machine Technical flow
Cleaning Technology: Three sieves, two beating, two removing stone, four magnetic selecting, one moisture Temper, one spring moisture. This producing line adopts second moisture wheat technology. This increases the toughness of coat and assures the complete of bran.

Milling Technology:Seven Milling, Two Plansifter, One Purifier and Five Detacher, One Flour Checker, Two Bran Finisher. The characteristics of the technology are purifiers with wheat duster, assured more good quality wheat flow into the central mill. Assured flour rate and quality.

wheat flour milling machine workshop and Wheat storage:
The workshop is steel structure.The wheat store is 2 silos, each silo is 500Tons, which have blending wheat function.

If you want more details for our wheat flour milling plant,please contact us now!

maize flour mill wheat flour mill factory and price (4).JPG

The superior service for complete set of wheat flour milling machine---HONGDEFA MACHINERY


1 Customers choose the wheat flour milling machine model you are interested

2 HDF Machinery Team design according to yours'requirements

3 HDF train technical personnel of you

4 HDF send engineering and technical personnel for site planning and design the best wheat flour milling machine.



1.wheat flour milling machine project acceptance

2.HDF help you drawn up wheat flour milling machine construction scheme



1.Branch offices

We have set up branch offices in Pakistan,Brazil,South Africa,Zambia,Congo,Ethiopia.

Agent in Kenya,Egypt,Tanzania etc..

2.Engineer visit

Experienced engineers do the installation guide,free trainning operation,test machine.

3.Spare parts

Supply spare parts for the wheat flour milling machine as free.

Our mission is obtaining unconditional customer satisfaction, building continuous confidence about our products and our company. To reach this target we offer; high-quality and high performance products and follow closely technological innovation.

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