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Ethiopia 30t maize milling line

1. We supply you complete line machine from cleaning, to degerminting, milling, packing, controlling system to produce super white maize meal. 
2. Supply you pipes, platform, cables from control penal to each machine, and one year spare parts, what you need supply is workshop, electric, water and 1 miller, 4-6 workers
3. The pipes and cyclone in milling system will be stainless steel, more durable and longer lasting.
4. The control system we use PLC touch screen, the technical flow will show on the screen, and achieve one button boot device, more intelligent. (see attachment)
5. Moisture damper Stainless Steel, Bin- direction screw, prevent free water, make sure the maize degerminating easy.
6. Degerminator with Japan and South Africa Technology to scrub the maize germ, with the minimum reduce in size of the broken fragments ensure produce super white, purity high quality maize flour with low fat.
7. Before packaging design with Micro dosser to mixed vitamins in maize meal ( to strengthen the national constitution)
8. We will also suppler engineer to install the machine for you and training your workers how to operate machines, and teach workers how to maintain the machine.
9. The workshop size: 30 Meter*8Meter*6Meter (L*W*H), this size will enough for install machine store raw material and final product.


Our maize mill projects in Ethiopia:

100t/24h maize mill for Ethio Agri-CEFT plc;

100t/24h maize mill project in Dessie;

100t/24h maize mill in Bahir dar;

100t/24h maize mill in Shashameni;

62t/24h maize mill in Bahir dar;

50t/24h maize mill in Alemgena;

30t/24h maize mill in Gelan;

30t/24h maize mill in Gambella


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