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Wheat flour mills line

Capacity: 500T/24h
1. Damping system
Tempering mixer and atomizer are the damping system.
For flourmill, tempering mixer is the main water conditioning system to wheat. It consists of two parts: tempering mixer and automatic damping system。The operating principle is: after wheat and water go into the system, the screw fully mixes them up. At the same time, wheat grains get fully touch with each other. In this process, the moisture also achieves uniform distribution. According to the dampening moisture, automatic damping system uses microprocessor to control water yield, making sure that it can keep work in the optimum condition.
Atomizer is the secondary water conditioning system before wheat goes into the mill. It can do micro-damping of the wheat reasonably and uniformly in order to add toughness of the bran, reduce ash content, increase the strip ratio and at last, improve the quality of flour efficiently.
2. Moistening bin
After damping of the wheat, the moisture needs some time to seep into the inside of wheat so that the moisture of wheat can be rearranged. This process is run in the moistening bin.
3. Wheat brush system
Wheat brush is used to clear up the impurity substances, like ash and wheat hair, which are adhering to the epidermis and ventral furrow of the wheat. Thus, it can obviously decrease the ash content of flour and also make sure of the stability of the quality of it.
4. Mill bin
In order to ensure the stability of production, before wheat goes into the first passage of roller mill, it needs to set up mill bin. The capacity of it is the output of 30 to 50 minutes.
5. Ventilation and dust removal system
In the impurity removal process of wheat and other grains, except for assisted-separating the heavy impurity, the main aim of ventilation and dust removal technology is to separate the light impurity, like ash, wheat husk, shriveled wheat, etc. in order to ensure the quality of finished goods and the stability of production.
The principle of pneumatic selection: The suspension speed of material is the main basis to use Vertical updraft to select. Because of different density, shape, size and drag coefficient of wheat and impurity, the suspension speed is also different. Therefore, with the help of some specialized equipment, it can control the air velocity between the suspension speeds of greater than light impurity and less than wheat. As a result, wheat and light impurity can be separated.
This technology have air suction device in preliminary cleaning sieve, elevator, vibratory centrifugal and scourer and stoner in order to make sure that all the light impurity can be extracted.

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