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The wheat flour mill break instruction

The wheat will be put into the flour process flow after cleaning process. first extract numerous and high quality semolina, middling and dunst from the whole wheat or bran. seperate them into several levels according to the size and quality, then send them to purifier. At the same time use scratch system to slightly scrape off the stock, separate the bran and grem. finally send the middling and dunst containing little bran to reduction system to make fine flour. as for the second-class middling and dunst, put them to the homologous reduction system to make inferior flour.
This flow including four break, seven reduction, two scratch, two tail stages, bran brushing in middle and tail stages, four purifiers. in order to make good middling for reduction system, improve the purity of the stock and guarantee fine flour extraction rate. this technological process adopts purifier before scratch system. Reduction mill and tail mill use smooth roller to ensure extraction rate and quality.
The flour process flow can be divided into the following several systems
1. break system
The head break system function is to unfold the wheat, scrape the granular endosperm while keeping the bran completeness. the tail break system is to scrape the endosperm off the bran.
2. scratch system
The scratch system function is dealing with the endosperm  produced from the break system. by means of the roller’s slightly scraping, separate bran and endosperm. Then after screening, recover good quality endosperm. the fineness of the stock after scratch system is small, so it is not suitable to enter into the next break roller, the endosperm is also not pure enough to put into reduction system.
3. purification system
The purifer function is refining semolina, middling and dunst extracted from the break scratch system. Divide them into bran, endosperm with some bran, pure endosperm according to the quality. put the pure ensosperm alone to the reduction roller.
By this way, avoid bran mixing in the stock, improve flour quality.
Through the machine itself movement and low pressure blower provide wind. purifier refine the semolina, middling and dunst to extract pure endosperm
4. reduction system
Reduction roller grind different particle size of the endosperm extracted from the break system,purification system into flour while grinding bran and grem at the minimum limit.
Reduction systems use smooth roller,it can grind the endosperm and make bran and grem rolling into flake.because of the different physical properties,endosperm will be broken ,bran and grem still be flake when getting through the impact detacher.after such sifting,separate off bran and grem ,get the final flour product
5. Pneumatic conveying system
Pneumatic conveying system is a cordonnier system, it links grinding, sifting, and other accessory equipments together
Pneumatic conveying systems use high pressure blower to provide power, through stock pipeline and special equipment, transport grinding materials Vertically to sifting equipment to grade and sift finished product.
6. Flour packaging system

Through weighing, bagging by flour packing machine, the finished product can be selled.

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