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Zambia 50T/24H maize milling line

50t maize milling machine

This is subjective to the capacity of maize milling machine so let us narrow down our question to 

what is a good 50tonne /24hrs maize mill?

A good maize milling machine should be able to mill 50 tonnes of maize in any 24hour period all the time.

A good maize milling line should give out a good quality of maize meal/maize flour in the end.

A good quality of maize meal is maize meal that has no dust, straw, husk, sand or any other grinded and un-grinded material that is not a maize kernel.

A good maize milling is comprised of a cleaning process, conditioning process, a degermination process, uses roller mills and sifting process.

Milling and sifting are the essence of grain processing so a good maize milling machine must have a good sifting processes and roller millers. An added characteristic of a 20tonne maize mill would be a packaging system.

A good maize machine should be fault free and durable. Once purchased a good maize mill should not constantly develop a technical fault and should function well for a very long period of time.

A good maize milling line uses the best material and fabric to avoid wear and tear damage for example rust and tearing due to vibrations of the mill. An example is use of stainless steel.

A good maize milling machine is user friendly, it can be operated easily, can be used indoors or outdoors and a good maize mill is also affordable cost wise and also has an after sale guarantee for assurance.

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